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William, Deano, Sean.


released May 11, 2014

Recorded and Mastered by Ezra Hinton



all rights reserved


Internet Dating Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: icarus

I’m upside down and flying through the trees like a bird I flap my arms endlessly/ new born who left the nest before I could see, I flap my wings desperately/ I forgot where home is on the way down, and I felt the obligation to leave consume me/ I swear to god I feel fine, I’m not feeling anything like me// I’ll fly when I’m damn well ready/ so close to the sun that the heat will melt the wax/ I’ll fall into the sea and my father will cry/ I once believed I was a God/ We were only men trying to escape the prisons we were in/ and i didn’t sing songs to heaven, I built wings and look how far that got me/ I haven’t lost any sleep over the thought of the people I’ll never meet/ I haven’t lost sleep over the thought of never leaving/ this cage is all I will ever see/ these bars know me too well/ I’m too close to my home/ and I’m not really leaving anyway/ I’ll fly when I’m fucking ready/ when I’m not feeling anything like me
Track Name: cold feet
cold feet

Don’t open the letter I sent the other day/ I was tired and had too much to say/ about how I feel for you and I don’t know what to do/ How can I tell you that I’m lost in my thoughts/ about being lost in yours/ What do I say to make you weak in the knees/ and make you fall for me/ It’s too cold to be alone at night in your apartment/ Can I walk you home/ Don’t wait for me to gain some kind of confidence I know I don’t own/ but I can feel this in my bones/ We find dignity in the moments we don’t have to see/ I’ll lose these cold feet/ I’ll pretend your head over heels for me/ No apologies for being at ease/ There’s a whole lot of nothing in my way and I’ve got a whole lot of nothing cool to say/ so let’s not say anything, but let’s not force anything/ I will pick you flowers and never send them/ I’ll walk you to your car but I won’t get in/ Your eyes are somewhere else but when they are on me/ and it warms me/ I feel whole/ I feel incredible
Track Name: paper thin shoes
paper thin shoes

Let’s talk about leaving our bodies behind/ and finding ourselves outside/ let’s talk about the flowers in your hair/ and I’m enjoying your smile again/ I went out east on highway seven looking for the places that you’ve been/ I was hoping you be there again/ paper thin shoes and a watch that doesn’t tell time/ I’m high and riding my bike around the block/ where am I/ I only want to see you at least one more time/ Where am I/ I think I’m sleeping cause you look like a day dream/ I try too hard to not say what I want to say/
Track Name: -

Track Name: parley

I flew my kite into power lines/ I’ve never felt more alive/ I threw my crow bar at the stars/ cause they aren’t mine/ All the silence I see in her posture/ means she’s tuned out and non-responsive/ I can’t seem to catch her attention/ and I can’t force her company/ Her gaze is suddenly on me/ and I’m captured by her voice/ I’m jealous of her time/ but she has none for me/ my heart has no sense of security/ I want you to know I’m not falling apart but I know I’ll never be the same/ I get cautious at night/ like a cat perched out the top floor window/ staring at the birds on the tree/ they are just a leap away/ If I fall I’ll be stuck outside/ but it’s worth everything just to try/ plus these birds are taunting me/ I just want to kill them slowly/ I didn’t know that the ground was so far away/ I can barely see it anyway/ I’ve got a dirty pair of glassy eyes and they deceive me all the time/
Track Name: sugar pills
sugar pills

I’m not better off, but I’m not waiting for a call. I know better than to think you’re looking at the same stars as me. The light from this city scares the moon away, and I’d like to think I don’t want to stay. My mind grows tired from shouting all these obscenities, but my voice is fine cause they never have the nerve to reach my tongue, I’m not to blame for time not well spent, but I’ll listen to you crush me if it means I get to hear you speak. I’d like to go to bed early for once; no it’s fine you didn’t really have anything to say. I’m not sorry for not listening I was sleeping, I was dreaming Talk to me when I have more time, like next semester or next year or when I’m not too far gone, lost in my own mind that’s cluttered with thoughts of not being here, on the other end of the couch trying to tune you out. was I too loud? I can’t believe that I’ve put up with this for this long. You’re not medicine your sugar pills and you don’t know how to make me feel alright. Trying to convince with myself to survive a few more months but I don’t know how tired of you I’m willing to be. And as I part ways with you I hope you understand this wasn’t up to me. Was I too loud? I’ll be inside my head all day/ I’ll make believe that it’s May/ no one kept we warm all day/ don’t let this winter take me away/ (was I too loud)