4​-​Way Tilde Records Split 2017

by Internet Dating

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released May 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Internet Dating Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Participation Award - Stars Hollow
i don't want to admit it
But I'll do whatever you want me to
I'd eat the nails and car scraps
Up from off the road
If it would fix something
Because teeth are just useless bones
And when my gums are bleeding
I'll just smile and say
"I hope you're feeling better"
Just hoping you say the same

But I'm not feeling better
I'm always feeling worse
I'd never ask for your attention
I'd never beg for your concern

I think I deserve some recognition
Maybe an award for my participation

And I would love me if I would let me
But I'm so caught up in what I should be
I have to be good for something
I have to be good at something

Life's just what happens
Between the times I can sleep
In a room that's a best friend
Who won't be kind to me
No one bothers to ask me why
I'm in bed all day
It's just not fair
That I feel like this every day

(It happens, I can't be kind to me. Why? It's not fair)
Track Name: Good for Nothing - Stars Hollow
I'm boring
I'll stay inside and rot in bed all day
And you won't wonder why
I'm not moving
In a casket made of dirty laundry

So I'll just sit and wait
I won't talk unless you talk to me first
I guess it makes it worse
That we don't talk these days
But a bad friend is still a friend
Either way

At least I hope I still have a place with you

It's like you always said
"Just put your best foot first"
But what does that mean
When you say I'm the fucking worst?
It's like you never said
But always made me feel like
I'm good for nothing
I'm good at nothing

I'm weak
But I'd like to think there's
Another part of me
That's not spineless,
Always nervous
And I'd like to think you think the same
That it's just my luck
And it's fucked
Track Name: Bottle Kids - Internet Dating
With hands cut wide open, I keep prying until you let me in.
When I can't stand being alone, I find myself in another time zone. And when you've finally got me out of your routine, I show up to fuck up your self-esteem.

I forget where I am and where I could go,
if I know I should leave how could ever you say no.
Broken glass shards lying on the kitchen floor now I can see what they would not let me see before

the itch is in me, the poison you can't see. Speak until I learn to listen. not like i was paying any attention. You've seen me blow off steam, trapped inside my schemes. Faux pa's in my mind in a place you'll never find.
Track Name: Jove - Internet Dating
Instability rests hand in hand with our functionality" with no order our habits encourage our stagnancy.
Mighty Jove, send us a king, time has come for us to be given more responsibility" so slightly amused, onto them I toss the body of a tree

"We prayed for rule and you sent us this fool. you can't be serious, you must have more for us. Jove the all knowing must have been improvising. He surely wasn't listening.

How dare you question my attention, But you want a king so I'll provide the only one who's willing. The stork awaits my absence from the scene.
King Jove makes his role known by calling upon this beast. Cried the little frogs, please save us from his claws, we would rather have no ruler at all

Unearth the wet dirt with my toes. soaking my callused soles. "Don't leave a single Lilly pad unturned, those little devils were warned." I want every tadpole found. Tell the stork salvation will not be allowed.

"We prayed for rule but you make us into
food. you must be only testing our trust. We know you'll save us
Jove the all knowing must be improvising. Maybe he's not even listening "

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